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Click here for a feature about the soon to arrive 616 Muenzie on

You can probably take the weight claims with a pinch of salt, and the price needs to be adjusted to factor in the cost of getting them here. paying the duty and VAT, but still - they look nice, eh?

HED Big Deal Fatbike rims

We're now offering these fabulous beasts to those of you who really want to shed some rotating weight. HED carbon rims, laced to the hubs of your choice (Hope, Borealis, 9:ZERO:7, White Industries, etc) with DT Swiss spokes will set you back 1300 plus the hubs, which either you can supply, or we can. 450g rims, 85mm wide, easy tubeless set up - you want it!


We're closed this week until Saturday 30th

616 Fabrication coming soon...

We just did a deal with 616 Fab in the US to represent them on this side of the water. Stuff landing soon...

A few days off...

We'll be closed from Wednesday 2nd July until Tuesday 8th July - don't panic though, it's only bicycles.

Borealis Echo

The new Echo is almost here. Designed specifically to work with the Rockshox Bluto 100mm fork and in a variety of specs from frame/fork up to full XX1 build - there's something to tickle your fancy. Call now to get in the queue - don't wait for winter!

Half Term

We'll be closed on Saturday 24th May for a few days. You can still collect repairs, but will have to pay cash as the card machine will be offline.

Surly Bud in stock

We have loads of Bud and Lou tyres in stock right now. Plus all the Surly rims and Nates, both skin and black wall.

Let us build a custom fat bike for your from Salsa, Surly, 9:ZERO:7, Borealis, or Genesis - all in stock right now.

Spot Brand Rallye

There are some bikes that just work - this is one of them...

9:ZERO:7 Whiteout Carbon frame

The fabulous 9:ZERO:7 carbon Whiteout is finally on the way. Orange or green with matching fork. They're 1799 frame and fork and we have tons of hub, rim, crank and tyre options to get you rolling.